Jump Start Your Site [updated]

Jump Start Your Site [updated]

Jump Start Your Site FREE How to promote your website without spending money…

Being the owner of 3 sites it is easy to say I need to get creative in finding ways to try and advertise my sites. I do pay to promote my sites on other websites, and also do some pay per click sometimes too, but I soon learned there are many FREE methods of advertising available.

I want to share with those of you who do not already know how to look for free advertising methods. A lot of times a site will offer at least one type or more of some type of free advertising ways for you to promote your site. This is a great way to gain extra exposure for free. You just need to know where to look!

I have listed below the most common free methods that I have found:

1) Link Exchange – this is where you place your text link on the person’s site in exchange for you placing their link on your site!

2) Banner Exchange – Again, like link exchange but you swap banners or button-sized images, which is usually more exposure than just a text link exchange.

3) Weekly or Monthly Stories/Articles – This is where you can submit a work at home story or article you wrote. If your story is featured you will usually receive a link to your site for the credit

4) Top Sites List – add your banner freely to top sites lists. You can get your banner raised higher by putting a vote for you button on your site.

5) Free Classifieds – Many WAHM websites offer a free classified section which usually has a work at home opportunities and sometimes a shopping/selling board too!

6) Webrings – You can make a webpage to place all your webring codes on so you can participate and add your site to as many webrings as you can that interest you.

7) Become a site’s partner – Some sites have an area for you to become a partner with that site, this is usually for those who own their website fully though. Each site has its own rules for becoming a partner.

Good luck in promoting your site and don’t forget to check for all the free advertising methods I mentioned above the next time you visit a website.

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