Wonders Of Cheap Brass Knuckles To Discover

Wonders Of Cheap Brass Knuckles To Discover

Cheap Brass Knuckles

When you think about the kind of tools that have been invented in the past few decades, it blows the mind. There is so much advancement in everything now to make our lives easier. But some things never get old and don’t lose their allure. No matter how many technical weapons and tools might come along, cheap brass knuckles will always be appreciated. You don’t need to improve upon simplicity and workability. Unlike other weapons, brass knuckles have been and always will be practical, useful, and badass.

The more you think about it, the more you will discover how handy brass knuckles can be. They have been around for ages and have a long and interesting history. You can get used to a myriad of different tools but they will remain impactful.

The Origin of Brass Knuckles and Continued Fascination

If you try to locate the history of the invention and usage of brass knuckles, you’ll travel through time. They were invented somewhere around the 12th Century and were originally used in Asia. Eventually, they also gained recognition in the West and came to be used in warfare. Some sources also say they were found in Rome where gladiators used them to fight in the Colosseum. Regardless of where they came from, they are now popular worldwide.

In the United States, they have recently found a huge following, especially among the youth. Since they’re not war weapons anymore, they’re regarded as collectibles. You will find a plethora of antique and modern brass knuckles in the market for sale.

What To Do With A Knuckle Duster?

  • Well if you’re not going to fight with them, what good are they? Even though you might not use them voluntarily, cheap brass knuckles are excellent self-defense weapons. Thanks to their weight and structure, they’re ideal for knocking someone out. If you ever get in trouble, you can rely on this weapon to protect you.
  • If they’re hand-held tools that are good for fighting, then they’re useful for boxing. Professional boxers use knuckle dusters for training to protect their hands. Punching with a knuckle allows you to properly position your fists. It’s also useful for all kinds of confrontations if you are in a fight or a tussle.
  • There are some non-violent ways that brass knuckles can be useful as well. If you are a firefighter, a brass knuckle is a good glass-breaking tool for you. You need to be prepared for rescue and this tool is sturdy enough for rescue.
  • Speaking of rescue, if you keep a brass knuckle in your car, it can help you get out of danger. If you accidentally get locked in or you get in an accident, you can escape with this knuckle duster. It can allow you to add force into your punch so you can get out of tight spaces.
  • As a tool, it might be quite useful when you go out camping.  You can use a knuckle to pound meat or break small twigs into kindling for a fire. If there is a wild animal encounter, you can also use the brass knuckle to fend it off.
  • Inside the house, a brass knuckle makes for the perfect paperweight. It is heavy and clunky and can be a good addition to your study or living room. You will find various versions of well-crafted antique and modern knuckles for decoration.

The Cultural Significance of Brass Knuckles in the USA

It might seem strange to think a simple tool can be an iconic device for many generations. But knuckles are much more than just weapons and bulky tools. There are many ways that you can use a brass knuckle that’s not defense or fighting-based. Here are some non-violent reasons you can buy brass knuckles for yourself.

  • Knuckles have been a part of biker culture for the last few decades at best. There are thousands of people in America who are into biking and riding like a proper community. These bikers have adopted brass knuckles as part of their permanent ensembles. The native Navajo tribes of South America have incorporated them with their out jewelry as well.
  • Speaking of jewelry, brass knuckles have been utilized as accessories for quite a while now.  Thanks to the rap culture in the East and West Coast, brass knuckles are a symbol of coolness. You see many rappers still sporting brass knuckles as part of their ensembles.
  • You will also see knuckles propping up in youth fashion all over to place. They are used as belt buckles, boot buckles, badges, and of course as rings and jewelry.  You can also find them as hood ornaments for cars and phone cover handles. They resonate with the tough image and people like to toughen their look with it.

How Much Are Real Brass Knuckles?

If you are inspired by any of these above reasons for buying brass knuckles, you’ll find options. Normally when you have to find the real deal, you will have to look at buckle stores or blacksmiths. But there are also many places where you will find modern versions suitable for accessorizing.  The question is, whether you can find real brass knuckles at reasonable prices? The answer is, yes, you can easily buy affordable brass knuckles in the market.

Ideally, you will have to look in your local weapon stores to score some kickass knuckles. Chances are though, that you will be stuck with limited options that way. If you want a wider selection of classical and new designs, go for a reputable brass knuckles website. You’ll find a larger variety of brass knuckles for sale in online stores than you would in any local facility.

Luckily, you have websites like PA Knives that have the best collection of cheap knuckle dusters for sale. They are the premium dealers of affordable and diversely designed knuckle dusters in the country. Whether you want to buy one for self-defense or to brighten up your living space, they have the answer. Look through their store and you will surely find a piece that you can appreciate and buy.