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7 tips to take advantage of your Christmas bonus by investing in your car and your safety

With the payment of Christmas bonuses at sight, we give you these tips so that you pamper your car, take care of your patrimony, and invest in your safety.

The end of the year is just around the corner, and with it come the December holidays that, as always, imply an extra expense for Mexican families, that is why the Federal Labor Law specifies in its article number 87 that “workers are entitled to an annual bonus that must be paid before December 20 and must be equivalent to 15 days’ salary, at least”.

Next, we explain with a simple formula how you should calculate the exact amount that your employer has to pay you for the Christmas bonus:

1.- You must obtain your daily salary, that is, the amount you receive per day. This is achieved by dividing the monthly salary by 30 days.

2.- Once you know the amount you earn daily; you must multiply that number by 15 days.

Example of a person with a salary of 5,000.00 pesos per month:

5,000 / 30 = 166.67 pesos per day

166.7 × 15 = 2500 pesos that you should receive a minimum bonus.

Usually, most people spend this gratification immediately, however, in Auto logy, we will give you 7 tips on how to invest this money in your car in a productive way.


Unfortunately, a common practice in Mexico is not to have cars insured and this represents a risk to our heritage. Accidents happen and it is wise to be prepared.

An uninsured car implies that, in an accident, we will have to cover out of pocket the damages generated to our vehicle and if it is determined that we have a responsibility, also the damages of a possible third party involved. Using the bonus to contract an annual insurance policy is responsible and highly recommended if you do not have it.


Tires are of the utmost importance for safety inside the car, worn or bad tires make the car unpredictable in certain conditions and put the integrity of the occupants at risk. That is why we recommend using the bonus to change tires if necessary and thus make our journeys safer throughout the coming year.


We live in a country with uneven and battered streets, this generates premature wear of some of the suspension components and driving with the suspension in poor condition compromises our safety. It is advisable to use the bonus to do a general check-up and change the components to be changed, including shock absorbers or bushings, for example.

Another factor that is sometimes ignored is alignment and balance; a misaligned car is unsafe and unpredictable in its reactions and a full-service two-axle alignment and four-wheel balance costs 600 pesos or less.


The engines of our cars handle high temperatures and that is why there are parts that need to be changed and tuned with a certain frequency. Performing the stipulated maintenance services has enormous advantages because it extends the useful life of the engine, increases the resale value of the car, and can also reduce fuel consumption by up to 30%. If you want to buy used cars Online without any maintenance issues then you need to go with Auto for Trade.

That is why we believe it is advisable to invest the bonus in a good service with an oil change, filter and tuning since in the long term you will recover the money invested every time you fill the tank.


The brakes in our car are vital for safe driving and the reality is that sometimes they are not in good condition and we do not realize it. Regardless of ensuring that the calipers and brake pads are in good condition and have a useful life ahead, the discs or rotors must be rectified from time to time so that the reaction in emergency maneuvers is safe.

The discs also have a useful life and when they no longer have the necessary thickness they must be replaced. It is smart to use the Christmas bonus to make sure that the system that stops us all the time is in good condition and takes care of our backs when we need it.

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