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Styles and Tips to Create the Best Custom Gift Boxes That Elevates Your Brand

Gift boxes make your stuff look luxurious and artistic. It is a highly acceptable technique to glorify your brand and to allure customers. Imagine your packaging in a simple and plain box, without having any thought of customization. Consider that every product you are shipping is going in the identical packaging the same as your competitor. What makes you different from them? Nothing because both are in the same lane. Nobody would be able to share the pictures of their gifts on social media with plain packaging. We are not living in the ’90s where these things aren’t considered important. In today’s world, it seems impossible even to imagine this kind of stuff. It is necessary to keep up your brand with marketing trends and strategies to compete with your competitors and it is not possible without customization. The quality, material, and cost matter the most in the whole process of custom gift boxes. Many people love to shop online which means that your competitors are just a click away and what attracts customers is the packaging and quality. People love to give surprises to each other on birthdays, anniversaries, Christmas, or any special occasion so they prefer a perfect packaging style for their gifts. Gift box retailers should go for custom gift boxes keeping in view their customer demands. The gift is a way to communicate and to express your emotions to the other person, it’s a sweet custom. Packaging of your gift boxes makes others feel special that you’ve kept them on your priority list. Custom gift boxes are easy to integrate into your packing and freight process. They’re cost-effective, durable, and present your gift well.

The custom gift boxes are specially made to put your gift in it because a gift can be anything so the box must meet the needs. A gift is something you specially bought for your friends, family, or any other person that’s why the packaging box should protect it anyway. Customers prefer good quality packaging that is strong and resistant. Gift boxes must be captivating that the first look at it stimulate the desire to open it and to discover what’s inside it. For creating this impact, you should opt for custom gift boxes with attractive visuals and required information like printing your brand’s name and logo on it. If the other person by looking at your gift box doesn’t get surprised or triggered to open that, then it would be the worst gift. We all know that when it comes to packaging there are a lot of different options to consider but try going for custom options to benefit you and your customers. Following are some of the tips that you can follow to get the best custom gift boxes:

Artwork should be Beguiling

The look of the gift boxes must build a sense of captivation among the other person. You can use pictures, colors, a printed background that adds glam to your boxes. The images on the boxes must be of high resolution rather than blurry. The custom gift boxes should be the symbol of your brand and product’s individuality; you can make use of colors of logo for packaging. You can also utilize different packaging styles keeping in mind the weight and shape of your gifts. Custom gift boxes with riveting designs and written details would make the consumers desire to have a look at all the range you hold.

Choose The Right Style for The Boxes

Styling is what makes you appear different and attractive in other’s eyes. In this world, everything is considered to fashionable and elegant whatever the type of product and packaging is. Mostly, for gifts 2-piece boxes are preferred they can be open-ended and close-ended as well. Decorate the boxes with various decorating materials like flowers, bands, glistening laminations, and many more you can add according to your taste. If you are promoting your product through gift packaging, then you should add a theme to the backdrop to impress customers. You can also choose from the styles given below:

Magnetic Gift Box Style

This is quite a fascinating style and looks like a book when you open it. It can be in two shapes, one with magnetic closure and the second one with both magnet and the elastic bands to hold the upper lid. They can be utilized in perfume gift boxes, device packaging boxes, etc.

Paper Box with Lid Style

It consists of two parts lid and base; they can be further incorporated in two ways and people choose them considering their standards. First, where the height of the lid is larger than the bottom so, the lid covers the base. Second, which contains the border in the middle. Both of these can be used to pack jewelry gift boxes, cosmetic gift boxes, chocolate gift boxes, electronic packaging boxes, etc.

Foldable Gift Box Style

It is one of the high demanded styles that can save a lot of space. It is commonly closed by using ribbons or magnets. The main use of these boxes is like the packaging of wedding dress gift boxes, Christmas gift boxes, beauty gift boxes, and many more industries like this.

Hexagon Style

This box is known as a hatbox because of its shape. It can also be designed by a die-cut. You may pack any gift in it depending upon your preference. This hexagon paper box style makes your product looks charming and gives it a unique aspect.

Tube Box Style

It is a round rigid box having a special lid and base style. The round lid covers the tube base box and you may also add a border inside it. It is usually used for the packaging of flowers and perfume bottles.

Drawer Gift Box Style

It is evident from the name that it looks like a drawer and there is a thumb notch or ribbon pull to slide the case out. It is also used for jewelry gift box packaging, mobile phone packaging, and any other luxurious gift packaging.

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