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Quality erection: how long does it take, and how to achieve it?

Do you know what is beautiful in youth? That we do not admit to problems that may come one day. Young men are at the peak of their physical powers, and even though they have heard of erection problems, they wave their hand over it. They can’t even imagine that something similar could happen to them. Yet one day, the day will come when their strength will begin to wane, and erection is no long-drawn what it used to be. Sometimes the problem appears around the age of forty, but even earlier.

Heart attack and erection problems

Men with acute myocardial infarction often go to cardiologists’ surgeries. Recent surveys have revealed that almost three-quarters of these patients have had recurrent erection problems in the past six months. This clearly confirms that erectile dysfunction is often due to poor blood circulation, more precisely, the insufficient blood supply to the organ. But it is also the fault of an unsuitable lifestyle and ubiquitous stress.

If a hard erection is rarely missing, there is no point in panicking. It also happens to young men, often manifested by fatigue, stress, alcohol intoxication, or an interplay of coincidences. If the organ weakens more often and the length of physical intercourse is shortened, or the man in bed repeatedly fails completely, it is not good to ignore it.

Half of the men over the age of 50 have problems.

It is estimated that about half of men over the age of 50 have difficulty with poor erections. Smoking, diabetes, atherosclerosis, or high blood pressure are the most common causes for which endurance is no longer the same. For the purpose of completeness, let us add that erectile dysfunction is mentioned when the problem persists for about half a year and that the average length of intercourse is 4-5 minutes.

Ostrich politics does not pay off. Even a tolerant woman can run out of patience when a man pretends that nothing is happening. If he even starts to avoid love, the situation will only get worse. The axillary bodies located near the urethra, responsible for erection, are made up of smooth muscle. And as we all know, if the muscles idle and we don’t strengthen them, their condition gradually deteriorates.

Quality erection – help is easy.

If you have been to a doctor and you are medically well, a poor erection may be due to a mental barrier or a simple fear of failure. It’s a shame when relationships take over because of that because help is easy. It is said that there is no herb in the world that is useless. Even reduced libido or short physical stamina and erection problems can be solved in a natural way. You can try Fildena 100 or Fildena 150 discreetly, they are without a prescription, and they consist of extracts from sildenafil.

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