11 tips for moving without breaking the bank!

11 tips for moving without breaking the bank!

Moving without spending too much money is possible! Here are 11 tips and tricks to save money and move without also having to empty your bank account …

Like more than 3 million French people every year, you are about to change accommodation. Depending on the distance to be covered, the quantity of furniture and boxes to transport and whether or not a professional mover is chosen, the bill can quickly climb. But don’t panic, with a little imagination and some wise advice, you should be able to keep the costs down.

  1. Submit your notice at the right time

Do things in order and start by letting your landlord know you are leaving early enough before your scheduled move date. The notice lasts 1 month for the rental of furnished accommodation and 3 months for that of empty rented accommodation. By submitting your notice on time, you will avoid paying rent for accommodation that you no longer occupy.

  1. Don’t do it at the last minute

What applies to advance notice also applies to the organization of your move: the sooner the better. You will thus benefit from better prices. If you plan to move on your own, allow plenty of time to recruit sufficient labor, pack your boxes, and find a truck in time to be ready on D-Day.

  1. Ask for several moving quotes

Not all movers are created equal. Compare the offers carefully and compete for the best prices. Be careful not to jump on the cheapest quote either. Check the seriousness of your interlocutors and read the legal notices carefully. These tips also apply to the rental of a utility from a professional lessor.

  1. Choose the right season

If the swallows make the spring, what about the moves! The “high season” runs from May to September. By moving in the fall or winter, you will benefit from much more competitive rates than the rest of the year. Avoid December, however, when prices are soaring, not to mention putting a Christmas tree with all its balls in a box, it’s never very convenient.


  1. Choose an economical formula

If you agree to take care of the packaging of your furniture, to pack your boxes, or even to take them down yourself on the sidewalk, some movers will be able to offer you inexpensive formulas. You can also choose a group move. This solution is very interesting for long distances but the date is often imposed.

  1. Move light

Before hastily burying all your knick-knacks in boxes, take the opportunity to do some sorting. Are you sure you want to take it all to your new home? Ask yourself the question for each piece of furniture and for each object. A few boxes and a piece of furniture less, casually, it is already the possibility of renting a smaller truck and making significant savings.

  1. Solicit your loved ones

To make a successful move, the sinews of war are the number of available arms. If you plan to do without the services of a professional mover, you will need to form your own team of carriers. Bait them with the promise of good pizzas for the lunch break or that of a VIP invitation for your housewarming which will undoubtedly be the most popular of the year! And if you are really lacking in arms, MyDemenageur offers a collaborative platform to help people move between individuals. An inexpensive solution halfway between the two.

  1. Borrow whatever you can

Utility, hand truck, straps, or blankets: now is the time to remember your friends. For cardboard boxes, shop around supermarkets and DIY stores. Go there in the morning or in the evening before closing and if necessary, offer the manager to iron. By doing well, you should only have duct tape to buy.

  1. Use exchange platforms between individuals

Do not hesitate to rent a utility for your move on collaborative platforms like Drivy or OuiCar. The vehicle offer is wide and the prices offered are very competitive. Have the same reflex if you need a storage unit. Collaborative storage at a home is more and more common and will save you significant money.

  1. Ask for financial aid

Depending on your personal situation, CAF may grant you a moving allowance, in particular, if it follows the imminent arrival of a third child in your household. Finally, note that many charities, such as Les Petits Frères des Pauvres, come to the aid of needy people as part of their move. Find out about the possible moving aids.

  1. Change suppliers

Gas, electricity, insurance, Internet: moving is the perfect opportunity to change everything and make significant savings. Use our comparator, review the offers from different suppliers, choose the ones that suit you, and measure the savings. We take care of canceling your old contracts and taking out new ones. Enjoy it, it’s free!