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Why Instagram became so successful in last five years?

Instagram was virtually an unknown social media channel with just 13 employees when Mark Zuckerberg bought it for $1 billion in 2012. Since then, Instagram has grown up into a behemoth, and now it contributes over $20 billion to Facebook’s annual revenue.

How did it become so successful? There are many factors behind its stupendous success:

  1. Quick Sharing of Photographs

Instagram is more suited to a visual medium where you can upload your photographs for public consumption.  Social media is a place where we virtually share our lives with others and remember the good times and key events just by scrolling down our profile. On Instagram, anyone can take ordinary photos and make them look extraordinary. This alone, even without the social component, is epic.

Moreover, your photos are immediately visible to others; while their photos inspire you to take better photographs and apply filter tools in more innovative ways. This creates a basis for a meaningful communication. Though Flickr had tried this in the past, but that was not as simple and focused as Instagram.

  1. Simplicity of Design

Right since, beginning, Instagram’s layout was very simple. Its features were basic and organized, and it was relatively easier for users to navigate through. Though it has come a long way since then as the app has evolved over the years, and there were also multiple updates over the years. All this has added to make it a user-friendly platform.

  1. It acts as a storehouse for your pictures

Smartphones have made all of us a photographer, and on an average we click hundreds of photographs every month. Therefore, Instagram is also your digital storehouse to keep your important photos that you otherwise can’t save on your phone or computer.

  1. It’s diversified

Though Instagram is often blamed for its features like image filtering and editing, presenting an unrealistic expectation of beauty.  But there is another side to this – It is nothing less than empowering users by giving them an accessible platform, where a more diverse vision of beauty can also be shared.

  1. It’s made traveling different

Instagram has made traveling an enjoyable experience by inspiring users to post their journey, or destination pictures. Now, on your mobile or tablet’s small screen, you can see pictures of the most exotic destinations from around the world. With Instagram available at your fingertips, travelling is not what it was used to be earlier.

  1. Mobile Functionality

Instagram is one the easiest apps, and also very simple to use. The app is mostly mobile based and you can easily click, edit pictures in the real time and post. This particular feature is very attractive to common people.

  1. It’s a Free Channel

One of its important features is it doesn’t cost you anything to upload or share your pictures, and at the same time you get a chance to see private lives of film stars, sportsmen, and celebrities. It gives an amazing experience to users who get hooked to this platform.

  1. Instagram’s obsession with the user experience

Instagram is supported by a team of high quality UX designers, and developers who care about every little detail across the user experience. Also, every part of its multiple applications, right from downloading of app to the daily usage, is optimized for the target user persona.

Instagram is not only beneficial for brands and businesses but also for individuals looking out, for the right channels to form collaborations, ensure social impact and community building. It won’t be an exaggeration to admit that Instagram opens up the door of opportunities for its billions of users, and that is why it has become such a rage in a short time.


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