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Applications of Heat Exchangers

Heat exchangers for palm oil process

The process of palm oil and its derivatives

Stalwart has been supplying tubular heat exchangers for Southeast Asia for more than 40 years. In this beautiful part of the world, the process of palm oil and its derivatives for the industry is very common due to its extensive plantations of this fruit. In this project, our client asked us to replace 2 tubular exchangers supplied 19 years ago, at the same time expanding the fatty acid production capacity to adapt to their new needs. As a general rule, for the application of vegetable oils and animal fats we usually use our heat exchangers from the Industrial Line. However, for this new project we have selected our sanitary heat exchanger model S-TFM-I, due to the particular conditions of the process. Finally, it is worth mentioning that we have provided transportation on CIF conditions to the port of Penang.

Tubular heat exchanger for poultry intestine cooling

Development of a tubular exchanger for the cooling of poultry intestines

We have collaborated with a Spanish engineering company to develop a tubular heat exchanger, our model S-TF20-I, intended for the cooling of 1,000 kg / h of poultry intestines. In this application, where Stalwart has extensive experience, it is important to ensure the speed of passage of the intestines through the heat exchanger, which does not cause excessively high-pressure losses in the installation. In addition, in these types of applications, it is crucial to have a database of physical properties that allows us to work with this type of product.

Heat exchanger for tempering primer paint

Standardization of a heat exchanger design to temper primer paint for the automotive sector

Stalwart has received an inquiry from one of the main Spanish companies dedicated to the supply of paint plants in automotive factories. The objective of this client is the standardization of a heat exchanger design to temper primer paint, so that it allows it to cover a wide range of capacity with the minimum possible modifications in its already predefined system.

In order to study the performance of the heat exchanger, Stalwart technicians put at the service of this client extensive experience in the design of tubular heat exchangers for paint treatment, always ensuring the required setpoint temperature (known as ” set point”). For this, Stalwart has an extensive database of thermal properties of the most diverse components that can be used to obtain the ideal paint for each automotive project.

After the analysis based on the number of tubes, the service water flow rate and the total length of the tubular heat exchanger, our client finally opted for an S-TFM-I multi- tube sanitary design, with welded tube plate and tapered machining for protect the product from premature degradation.

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Heat exchangers for palm oil process
Heat exchangers for palm oil process

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