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Use these tips to make Social media valuable for your business

While some businesses find it easier getting connected to their audience on social media, others are not so blessed, and struggle to engage with their target audience. Social networks are the ideal platforms to build relationships, and if you’re not sure where to start when it comes to relationship-building, here are some quick tips:

Engage with People

You should never forget to mention people you refer in your social media posts. Always answer queries that people normally raise, and reply when others give your reference or share your content. Don’t limit yourself by just retweeting and likes of other people’s content. Use such opportunities to start a conversation by replying with a comment.

Create a Content Calendar

Sticking to a content schedule is essential that brands must do. One thing that is common between the biggest brands on social is that they post on a consistent basis. Therefore, think how a content calendar can make the process much easier by allowing you to fine-tune each of your posts for various platforms without having to jump between sites. Plan your posts to enhance engagement, and avoid repeating the same content, ensuring each of your articles or pictures gets the best results.

Provide Automation

Currently, automation has become very popular in marketing, and for good reason. But you cannot put your social media presence on autopilot and walk away. For example, bulk auto-replying has become redundant as it typically comes across as insincere. Poor automation can create an impression that your company is cold or unconcerned. Looking at how things stand today, it’s clear that customer care is a part of social media that should be personalized, not automated.

Providing personalized care is a key aspect of any brand’s social media presence. Actually, automation in the form of scheduling or curating content is totally acceptable practice. Though you may avoid it while dealing with actual customers or followers’ questions. This is the reason brands rely on social tools to help curate pieces of content that is approved by marketing leaders.

Focus on Helping

Although selling through social media is without doubt on the rise, still your social media presence shouldn’t be equivalent to hard sell. If you’re in the business of e-commerce, it is understandable to push offers and deals to your followers. The most important thing, however, is answering the questions of followers whether through replies or content marketing.

If you receive queries from followers, you should respond without wasting time. And if your followers seem concerned about a particular issue, you should post contents that speak about it. By offering solutions to problems, you’re creating goodwill for your company that may earn a lifelong customer.

Optimize Your Accounts

Don’t get hassled by the word optimization. Social media optimization isn’t particularly technical. You can optimize profiles through imagery, keywords, and giving out your detailed account information. For example, brands often use their Instagram bio by advertising their hashtag for promotions and let their brand’s voice be heard louder. An Instagram account that is optimized includes relevant links, hashtags and brand’s mission.

Similarly, a well-designed Twitter profile with the right mentions and high quality imagery can tell a lot about your authority, managing to attract more followers. An optimized Twitter profile can easily bring you more followers. And a fully optimized Facebook page with complete business details will always rank better in Google.

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