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Why Migrate to Magento 2 Platform

Migrate Magento 1 to Magento 2 – For Magento 1, visitors considering a move to Magento 2, this survey provides direction on functionality, expected costs, and timelines to help you choose how to approach your migration off and when you should kick off the project.

Migrate Magento 1 to Magento 2
Magento 2 was published back in 2015 as the latest version of the Magento eCommerce platform that is employed by 1 in 4 companies worldwide. It provides beneficial features that solve issues many encountered with Magento 1 such as:

Enhanced Performance: Magento 2 websites will run on average 20% faster than Magento 1 websites. Extremely performant websites have been shown to increase sales and improve search engine rankings (SEO).

Smooth Checkout Process: Magento 1 has a strong six (6) steps, while Magento 2 provides a simple 2 step checkout process and an Instant Purchase feature. With an Instant Purchase, merchants can now offer to return consumers a faster checkout experience by using previously-stored payment gateways and shipping information to skip checkout steps collectively, taking them to a support purchase page.

Websites with easier check-out processes (like an instant purchase) have historically seen improved sales.

Better Admin Interface: This is a non-technical user’s desire that Magento 1’s user interface was often promoted as confusing for company users, but Magento 2 allows a clean, user-friendly practice where even the most non-technical users can find tools and add new commodity listings with security.

Mobile-Friendly: With more consumers than ever shopping on mobile phones, it is necessary to have a mobile responsive website. Magento 1 websites did not deliver maximum performance on mobile devices, but Magento 2 makes mobile commerce a priority.

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