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5 Gift Ideas for a Habitual Smoker

We all have a friend or loved one in our circle who just cannot give up smoking. As you should accept people for who they are you may care for them and ask them to quit smoking but sometimes people do it occasionally and for fun. If you know someone in your social circle who does smoke as a hobby and it’s all under control then you can gift them something that means them a lot.

In this case, gifting an item related to smoking is the best bet. Here are our few ideas on how to surprise your smoker friend with something they would love.

Pack of High Quality Cigarettes

What’s better for a smoker than a pack of cigarettes? And that too from a renowned brand. Each brand has a different way of making their cigarettes and while some taste better than other, high quality cigarettes have a great feel of relief and fun in them.

Moreover, you can buy different flavors for them which they prefer or get them a customized basket with various packs of multiple flavors. Either way they will be pleased of the thought you put into their gift. You can also use the Winston cigarettes coupon to get valid discounts. The company manufactures some of the highest quality of cigarettes out there.

Personalized Lighter

Matches are old school games that are often hard to use. Standard lighters just work great, so where’s the fun? The correct equipment is required by a serious cigarette smoker, and a solid, nice, even personalized torch lighter is a great gift to offer. Since many lovers of cigars want to show how much they enjoy life, they probably enjoy getting nice things to use and show off. They will take out their brand new lighter, which has their names, along with their favorite cigarettes, their fancy cigarette box, and their heavy drinks.

Luxurious Ash Tray

It’s very likely that if you buy a gift for a cigarette smoker, they already own an ashtray. In fact, they probably have many on their patios and decks or throughout their house. You may, however, find a selection of styles and designs that can suit their tastes.

You can buy them a personalized ashtray etched with their names, or you can look for a quirky shape that fits their home decor. There are also ashtrays that have multiple cigar rests that are perfect for get-together and parties where cigars can be enjoyed by several people.

Personalized Cigarette Box

A case or box of cigarettes is a must for any cigarette smoking enthusiast. This includes the very product that brings the hobby together: cigarettes. Nothing is nicer than having a customized cigar box when it comes to this unique item. You can get a cigarette box personalized with their initials or their last name for the cigarette lover in your life with a range of design choices.


Some people love smoking for the sake of smoke, and this smoke can be obtained from the vape. While vaping is basically similar to cigarette smoking, man people have now switched e-cigarettes, considering they do not have ash or you don’t need an ash tray. For those people in your gang get them a vape. They will surely love the thoughtful idea.

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