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A Beginner’s Guide About Windows Shared Hosting

Whenever it comes to start a business, questions about the best hosting plan arise automatically. Selecting the right hosting type is one of the most important decisions. In today’s time, several options for hosting are available, in such situation it gets difficult to choose the best hosting plan. However, it’s vital to choose one that is completely optimized for your chosen Operating System (OS).

Several site owners decide to select a shared hosting plan and be more specific a Linux or windows shared hosting plan. As we know, shared hosting is often termed as beginner’s hosting. Windows shared hosting server are designed with respect to the Operating System. This makes them a natural and beginner friendly option for a lot of people.

This post explains the meaning of shared hosting and different Windows-based options currently on the market. So, let’s go ahead with the post as it could be beneficial in your decision of selecting the right type of hosting plan.

Introduction to Shared Hosting:

Most people understand the concept of shared hosting by its names. The hosting type is also famous for its affordable nature and least expensive in comparison to the rest of the hosting types. Shared hosting works as the name advised. A single physical server, along with its resources and spare is shared between a number of websites.

Several first-time website owners decide on shared hosting, largely due to its low cost. Shared hosting is also highly accessible- there are several available plans for shared hosting through the hosting vendors.

The beginner’s hosting type is also prone to performance issues, mainly in storage space and loading speed. Example, if one of the various sites on your server has a spike in traffic, it’s likely that your own website could slow down. When your site is relatively small, this shouldn’t be an issue, and you may require to upgrade your plan if it begins to get a lot of traffic.

Shared hosting works as opposite to dedicated hosting, where a single site is hosted on its own server. The beginner’s hosting also differs from Virtual Private Server hosting, in which physical servers are still shared, and each site gets its own virtually partitioned section.

These plans are mainly more expensive, and may require you to carry out maintenance tasks on your own.

Overall, windows shared hosting is an adequate choice for the new and smaller site owner. There are various hosting plans are available through vendors, you can explore them and choose the one that fits to your pocket.

When Should You Choose Windows Shared Hosting:

Shared, Windows-based hosting plans are considered the most popular options – and obviously for good reason. There are some important reasons to choose Windows Shared Hosting.

  • Windows shared hosting is affordable.
  • When we compare shared hosting plan as per the OS. Windows shared hosting is expensive, and in return it offers more control over the specific server tool
  • Windows shared hosting plan offer all the plan that you could get through Linux, and some additional features
  • Site security is also provided in Windows shared hosting. Your host will likely offer security features, that can vary.

Concept of one size fits for all doesn’t work with shared hosting. However, it fits to the budget of beginners. That’s why it is preferred the most.


Spending time in the hosting selection is important. The hosting plan you select has a significant impact on your site mainly regarding the OS it will use. Selecting an option that is completely optimised for your requirement can give benefits to your site in a number of ways. It will support you provide a better service for your visitors.

When you explore more about windows share hosting plans, you would understand the various hosting plan and why it is a good choice. This kind of hosting is affordable and accessible.

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