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We are still used to buying but in a different way. Now we can focus more on streaming subscription services, puzzles, games for children or adults, clothes to wear at home or we buy food to make sure we have enough supplies.

At this moment, no one knows what the future looks like or how long this uncertain period lasts, so I think it is wise to turn our attention to how we spend money because we still spend it. It is clear that we do not spend in the same direction as before, so it is good to evaluate where the money goes and how we can save because we will never make a mistake putting money aside. Next, we structured 7 cost reduction measures to use to build or strengthen our emergency fund.

Save transportation money.

Whether we work from home or not, one thing is clear: We use the car, public transport or taxi much less often, because we are restricted to travel. Thus, we could assess how much money we would have spent on transportation under normal conditions, and use the difference for the emergency fund. Even if the amounts are small, they add up.

Additional income. To take advantage of the time spent at home, we can get rid of unwanted objects. Totally useless new items may be searched by other people on online sales sites or social media groups. Thus, we can turn things that crowd our house into cash for the emergency fund.

Creativity in the family.

Since going out to the city, to restaurants, movies or other events is no longer an option, rethinking quality time, combined with saving, can work wonders. For example, we can plan sports classes with the family (yoga, dance, Pilates), a special moment of wine tasting/cocktails, a dessert contest, or even a movie night at home. Thus, we allocate quality time without paying for that event. When we see that savings are growing because of the things we don’t pay, I think it will motivate us to save more. When the situation stabilizes, we will be able to keep the things we have learned and continue them, as a new healthy habit.

Meal planning.

Although it seems tempting to order from the restaurant, cooking at home can bring good money to the family budget, even up to a few hundred lei per month. It is good to use the food we have, to be creative with it, thus avoiding waste. However, a reasonable number of takeaway orders can keep our budget safe, while increasing our enthusiasm for the normal time when we will enjoy a coffee in the city.

Discounts in the clothing sector. At this time, comfortable home clothes, sports clothes are suitable during this period, because most people are at home. We don’t need evening or special clothing. When the time comes to dress again for different occasions, we will perceive the whole ordinary wardrobe as a new one.

Other than online shopping. I think it is easy for everyone now to enter a realm of online shopping, especially on e-commerce sites where you can find everything from alcohol, diapers, or appliances. As delivery is not very fast due to lack of staff, maybe it’s a good time to weigh how much we want those things. In addition, there is another psychological trick that we can apply: add to the cart and then wait a few days to complete the order. If it takes us more than a few days, then we have the answer.

Evaluation and analysis. Especially now that we have more time, we should make sure that we pay the best price for services such as insurance, internet, mobile, and so on. We have time to do an analysis and contact suppliers to offer us competitive prices. This is in the interest of both parties, so we can get better prices and suppliers increase their customer retention rate.

Let’s not forget that these ways of saving do not have to be all permanent, but they help us to go through this period more easily. We can return when we feel comfortable to habits that we now suspend or transform. It’s up to us how we do it.

In this way, we make sure that we lay the foundations for more intentional spending, with a precise purpose, and when things start to return to normal, it will be motivating to see the money saved in such a short period of time.

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