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7 Bad Sales Tactics for a Real Estate Agency to Avoid in 2021

Unlike the homebuyer in the past, today’s homebuyer is very well-informed. Why? Because customers like to look up information online before hiring a real estate agency. So if someone wants to buy a house for sale in DHA Lahore, he will most likely do his homework. He will not show up at the office of the top real estate agency in DHA, Lahore. And expect its representatives to guide him.

Instead, the buyer would read up online and extract as much information as possible. This is why any slimy sale tactic that a real estate agent might pose will be easily detected. Therefore, it is better if your real estate agents avoid 7 bad sales tactics. These tactics are commonly practiced, even by the best real estate agencies in Pakistan.

Let’s dive in and discuss these in detail:

  1. Avoid Being A Pushy Salesperson!

    If your client is not in a hurry to buy, don’t be pushy. Pestering your customer for pending payments can be annoying. That’s because the customer thinks that you prioritize your sales more.
    Also, if a salesperson is pushy, it can make your customer suspicious. Let’s suppose that you have a customer who wants to buy a house for sale in DHA, Lahore. They tell you that they are not in a hurry. But your real estate agent keeps on pestering them. This can be off-putting for some clients. So, you need to be careful. And thus, you should avoid sounding pushy.
    The client might also think that you don’t trust them which is why you are pushing them. So, go easy on your reminders and calls with your buyers.

  2. Don’t Pester Your Clients To Accept An Offer, Especially When They’re Not Ready!

    Sometimes clients are not ready to accept an offer. Because they have their personal reservations. In such a case, you should never pester your client to accept the offer.
    Instead, you should highlight why they should accept a certain offer. This can help them make a decision. They won’t feel rushed because of you. In fact, you will be assisting them in the decision-making process. Like the way you are supposed to.
    While assisting them, make sure that your client gets the house they love. Because if they don’t, that can be a massive fail for you.

    Helpful tip:

    The point of hiring your real estate agency is so that the client gets the house of their dream. However, if your client feels rushed, your presence loses all value. So, make sure that you assist your customer every step of the way. So, by the end of their journey, they don’t feel like it was not all worth it.

  3. Listen To What Your Homebuyer Has To Say!

    Your real estate agency would only be able to deliver quality when you listen to your client. Real estate agents tend to overpower their clients. This is something that experts don’t recommend. Why? Because if your customer thinks that you’re not listening to them they might leave.
    So, you should not run this risk by not listening to your client. Of course, you are there to offer advice. But you can only give good advice when you have listened to your client’s needs.
    Honestly, customers dread salespersons. You know why? Because usually customers go on and on about themselves. This takes the limelight away from the customer. This is where you might lose your potential client.

  4. Don’t Try To Stretch Your Client’s Budget!

    This is a big NO. A lot of times real estate agents push their customers to buy houses that aren’t in their budget. As mentioned earlier, you should listen to your customers. If your customer is telling you that they cannot buy the house for sale in DHA, Lahore, listen to them. Because if you don’t, that can put your clients off.
    Let’s suppose that your customer says that he wants a 3-bedroom in 70 lakh. Here, you should not convince your client that he should expand his budget. Instead, you should look for options that sit well with your customer’s budget.

  5.  Never Insult Your Clients Choice!

    As you must’ve heard multiple times before, “the customer is always right!” If your customer is saying that they want a three-bedroom apartment, then fine. You should not try to change their mind.
    Try to take the client’s choice from what he tells you. This can save you a lot of time. Your job is not to interpret what type of house will be better for your client. Because even if you sincerely want your customer to get a great house, when you try to change his mind, he will think you just want a better commission.

  6. Never Guilt-Trip Your Client After They Decide To Switch To Another Real Estate Agency!

    This is an important point that you should keep in your mind. That’s because your customer is allowed to switch whenever. Especially when they are not satisfied with your services.
    Zain Real Estate, the top real estate agency in DHA Lahore, will always satisfy you. Why? Because we believe in improving our services based on the feedback our clients give us.

  7. Don’t Sound Manipulative!

    We know what you must be thinking: manipulation is a part of sales. That’s right! But being obvious about it can be really technical. For this reason, you need to be aware of your language.
    Also, you use quotes that are obviously manipulative. For example, your customer needs a home in three months. You tell them that you can help them get one in a month. This is obviously manipulative. The customer will catch you in your act right away. They might even drift away.
    So, instead of sounding manipulative, pick your words wisely. Think about the way you handle your clients and their questions. Thinking before you speak can be really helpful actually.

In the end, we have only one piece of advice for you. You should always look for the top real estate agency near you to receive the best services.

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