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The Importance Of Noc In Immigrating To Canada

The NOC or The National Occupational Classification is a crucial element for those aspiring immigration candidates seeking to get into Canada. Moreover, it is the NOC system that makes the procedure of visa acceptance very hard.

Nonetheless, many seek the help of Canada Immigration Consultants In Delhi to bypass the complications that anyone faces while acquiring the digit. In case this is your first time applying for a visa, let us tell you how the reference letters and NOC are interconnected and the significance of the code.

What is NOC?

The NOC or the National Occupational Classification is a four-digit code and job description for every occupation. It is needed for those immigrating to the country to sieve through the Canadian labor market. This four-digit code makes the aspect of hiring very important.

The system is a nationally recognized and standardized system that helps the authorities of IRCC to evaluate the work experience of immigrated individuals. You must be thinking, “why do I need the code?”, right? You need to claim the NOC code before submitting any economic aspect of the immigration application.

How to select the NOC code?

Choosing the right National Occupational Classification or NOC code is very important for your immigration application. The status of your visa depends on it. Whether you are applying using the federal Express Entry system or using at least one of the many Provincial Nominee Programs (PNPs), you will have to choose the NOC code to become the deciding factor for your application. How?

  • If you do not select the right NOC code that matches your previous work experience, your application may not be accepted by the authority. Furthermore, they will have grounds to reject or return your application.

As there is no clarification for the mistakes you have made, you are left with no choice but to be very careful while choosing the NOC code. At this time, you can take the help of Canada Immigration Consultants In Delhi to help match the code with your work experience. Moreover, you will need to provide documentation, namely a reference letter, to prove your NOC claims.

How does NOC work?

Every NOC code includes an associated job title, the lead statement, and a list of major duties and responsibilities associated with the job. When you are about to choose your NOC code for immigration purposes, it is not the actual job and educational programs that matter; what matters is the work experience.

Your work experience has to match the duties and responsibilities listed there. Suppose your work experience may fall under a couple of different NOC codes, or your job title may be associated with a code that doesn’t bear a significant resemblance with the experience. In that case, it may harm your application. So here are some points about NOC that you have to remember.

  • Each job has a different NOC code.
  • You have to choose your primary Nov codes as well as for the past ones as well.

Ending note:

The procedure of choosing the NOC code is very complicated. However, it has to be done carefully. Take the help of Canada Immigration Consultants In Delhi to get it done without any error.

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