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What Is Amazon Brand Registry? And What Are Its Benefits?

Amazon is the largest and most competitive marketplace in the world, with hundreds of millions of products available for sale.

Marketing on Amazon is a great way to start a business and make an income. However, there are risks and competition to your Amazon business. Many expressed concern about the risks that their business faces, including:

  • 48% are concerned that Chinese suppliers might sell their/similar products at lower prices to them/us.
  • 48% worry about copycats/hijackers on their listings
  • 39% of sellers worry about being a “middleman” between suppliers (mostly in China) and customers.

These concerns can be addressed by sellers in the best possible way. Register your brand trademark at Amazon’s Brand Registry.

What is the Amazon Brand Registry?

Amazon Brand Registry gives brand owners greater control over their trademarks and products on Amazon. This is the most efficient and practical way to protect intellectual property on Amazon.

Signing up gives you access to tools that will help you to promote your brand, as well as prevent counterfeit sales. This should be an integral part of every Amazon strategy for brands.

Benefits of Amazon Brand Registry

The Amazon Brand Registry cannot prevent third-party sellers from listing products on Amazon.

It will also allow you to manage your listings so that customers only see accurate product information. This will help you protect your brand’s image. There’s more to this program than that. These are the top Amazon Brand Registry benefits that you can take advantage of.

1. Better Brand Protection

Signing up for Amazon Brand Registry will require you to answer some questions about your company. Amazon uses this information to remove any content it deems infringing on your intellectual property or inaccurate.

According to Amazon, the number of suspected infringements has decreased by 99% for brands that sign up

Amazon’s proactive approach to customer service is very convenient. However, brands have access to search tools that enable them to report suspected violations. Searches can be made using images or words. You can also monitor ongoing cases from your dashboard.

2. Access to Brand Building Tools

Amazon Brand Registry can also help you build your brand’s reputation. After your account has been verified, you will have access to the following tools:

  • Amazon Storefronts: You can create an Amazon store that is your brand, where you can promote and sell your products.
  • Amazon A+ Content: Brands have the option to make their listings stand out by including images, logos, and comparison charts in their product descriptions. Others sellers cannot use plain text. You can read this detailed guide to learn more about amazon a+ content. Amazon a plus content can also improve your conversion rates. 
  • Virtual bundles: To encourage customers to purchase multiple products, you can create bundles of up to five ASINs.
  • Amazon Live: Brands have the opportunity to drive sales through live streams that feature product demos and FAQs.

3. Anti-Counterfeiting Programs

You can also join Amazon Brand Registry to gain access to the two anti-counterfeiting programs Transparency or Project Zero.

They use automatic store scans and product serializations to stop counterfeit sales. A self-service tool allows verified brands to remove counterfeit listings themselves. Just over 10,000 brands are signed up so far.

4. Access to Sponsored Ads

Sponsored brand ads can increase awareness of your brand and products on Amazon.

These ads are more comprehensive than regular product ads. These ads usually include a link to your Amazon storefront logo, a headline that is custom, and a selection from your product range.

These prominently placed ads can’t be found by third-party sellers so they should be part of Amazon’s advertising strategy for brands.

5. Monitoring Your Brand with Tools

After signing up, you will be able to view brand analytics in the seller account.

This gives you insight into the search habits and demographics of Amazon shoppers who are looking for your brand. Also, you’ll find alternate purchase reports and item comparison reports to help you see the performance of your competitors.

Amazon Attribution allows you to quantify and measure the impact of non-Amazon advertisements on your sales. This information allows brands to make better business decisions and increase their advertising ROI.

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