Insurance for practicing historical and military reconstructions

Military-historical reconstructions are an opportunity to plunge into the distant past and feel like a participant in important historical events. Insurance for historical and military reconstructions is a guarantee of receiving material compensation in the event of an accident.

Today it is not just entertainment – participation in tournaments is equated to sports competitions, because every battle or tournament requires from the participants serious physical training, skills in using weapons, and hand-to-hand combat.

What is covered by insurance for historical and military reenactments?

The insurance for practicing historical and military reconstructions will reimburse the financial expenses of the insured person after the onset of the National Assembly in case of any sports injury – disability, development of critical illness, or death while participating in the event.

An insured event is the damage of medium and severe degree, the treatment of which takes 5 days or more.

The insurance fully or partially reimburses the costs of treatment – occupational diseases or sports injuries that occurred during the validity of the contract and confirmed by medical certificates of the standard established by the insurance company.

Types of insurance for military historical reconstructions

On Sport insure are a few types of insurance that cover all the risks associated with accidents in sports and in other circumstances provided for by the contract.

You can take out insurance online for:

  • A specific tournament for 1 day;
  • Travel abroad with and without active rest;
  • Daily workouts for adults or children for a period of 1 year.

Each of the offered types of insurance is covered in any of these countries. When taking out insurance for a child, you can choose a package of services with coverage 24/7. Such a policy covers not only injuries sustained in training or competitions, but also accidents in everyday life.

When engaging in historical and military reconstructions for the period of training, competitions, you can issue a standard sports insurance policy from the National Assembly, or a TCD policy with the mark Active rest, its validity is limited by the duration of stay in the country.

You can buy insurance for both Russian citizens and a resident of another state. After payment, all information about insurance immediately goes to a single database, and therefore you can issue a policy immediately before a sports event or travel abroad.

After taking out insurance, you will receive an electronic policy that can be printed or saved on your mobile device.

How to get the insurance payment

Insurance compensation payments for historical and military reconstructions are calculated depending on the severity of the injury, the victim’s diagnosis, and the amount of coverage specified when issuing the policy.

Insurance payments are transferred to a bank card or current account within 14 days after submission to the insurance company of an application for payment and proof of the occurrence of an insured event.

Injuries and causes of injury

Considering the fact that in historical and military reconstructions the participants of the competition use various weapons and often engage in hand-to-hand combat in conditions as close as possible to military operations, the most frequent injuries in this sport are:

  • Burns of varying severity;
  • Limb fractures;
  • Dislocations and bruises;
  • Stretching.

Accident insurance covers all possible injuries sustained in class and during tournaments.

What to do in case of an accident

In the event of an accident, you should first seek medical help at the hospital. After undergoing treatment and discharge from the medical institution, it is necessary to obtain an extract from the attending physician with the indicated diagnosis and the course of rehabilitation of the athlete. The certificate must bear the “wet” stamps of the hospital and the attending physician.

What documents are needed to receive the insurance payment

It is necessary to collect and transfer to the insurance company the minimum package of documents – this is a passport or birth certificate of the insured, a policy, an extract, an application for insurance liability.

The entire package of documents required to obtain insurance compensation must necessarily be (in the event of an accident abroad) notarized with a translation into Russian. A package of documents with an application for material compensation must be sent or brought to the regional office of the insurance company no later than a month after the injury.

You can find out the address of the office of the insurance company on the contact page. On the same page, you can ask any question you are interested in in the feedback form.

Electronic policy – insurance for historical and military reconstructions online

Electronic insurance for historical and military reconstructions is an insurance policy issued in accordance with the laws and regulations of accident insurance. Such a policy has full legal force and is no different from a policy on letterhead.

The main advantage of online insurance is the preliminary calculation of the price of insurance, taking into account different conditions. Anyone wishing to issue a policy can independently find out the price in a special insurance calculator of our service, for this it is necessary to indicate the amount of insurance coverage, the timing, and age of the athlete. After selecting all the necessary parameters, the system will automatically calculate the price of the policy.

10 ways insurance companies cheat you

Delaying and violating deadlines, reducing payments, imposing services, and other tricks of insurers.

Certain types of insurance and the conditions for their provision are determined by current legislation, for example, Federal Law No. 4015-1 of November 27, 1992, but in practice, consumers are faced with situations when the products offered to them imply many exceptions and clauses, including those not provided for by law.

The article summarizes the main situations when insurers or their representatives can impose on the consumer favorable conditions for themselves, which, as a rule, entail a refusal, a decrease in insurance payments, or require significant costs from the consumer that are not mandatory.

  1. Discrimination in life insurance payments

To obtain insurance under such an agreement, before concluding it, you must carefully read the list of insured events.

Some insurers do not recognize as insured events death or disability as a result of an accident or illness resulting from the insured person’s pregnancy or events related to it (care, interruption, etc.).

In addition, at-risk (special conditions of the contract) are disabled and people suffering from cardiovascular diseases, cancer, HIV-infected persons, the elderly, and others.

  1. Abuse in credit insurance through bank life and health insurance

Insurance through a bank, when concluding a loan agreement, is often accompanied by the following “traps” for the consumer:

  • the choice of an insurance company is limited – as a rule, it is an organization affiliated with the bank;
  • therefore, at the time of signing the contract (policy), the consumer buys a “pig in a poke”;
  • often an insurance product is imposed that is not suitable or is simply not needed, while a significant part of the amount withheld from the borrower remains with the bank as a commission from the insurance company;
  • including insurance in the body of the loan, the bank also charges interest on it, thereby increasing the cost of the loan;
  • many banks deliberately do not inform consumers about the possibility of withdrawing insurance during the “cooling period”;
  • most borrowers face difficulties in returning the insurance policy: both during the “cooling period” and early repayment of the loan.
  1. Scanty payments for investment life insurance (ILI)

Analysis of consumer complaints shows that the victims of insurance fraud are often bank customers, to whom the IOL is often sold under the guise of a deposit. Bank managers say that an investment life insurance policy is a complete analog of a deposit, but with a higher yield. At the same time, it is silent that:

the funds invested in the ILI are not insured by the DIA (deposit insurance agency) and the state does not guarantee their safety;

before the end of the contract (up to 5 years), it is impossible to withdraw money without losses ;

income is not guaranteed (the company in whose management the money is transferred may have losses or show minimum profitability).

The listed conditions are essential, but banks do not warn about these risks. According to the data of the Bank of Russia, the average yield on the three-year ILI contracts that ended in 2017-2018 was 3.3% per annum, and for five-year contracts – only 2.4%.

  1. Imposing services when insuring bank cards

Recently, insurance of plastic cards (debit and credit) has become popular, and very often the card is issued with insurance, even if its owner did not ask for it. After all, the bank’s employees are motivated: the more options they connect, the higher the salary bonus! The list of insurance risks is approximately the following:

  • loss of a card as a result of a robbery or robbery;
  • taking possession of the PIN-code of the card by using violence or threats;
  • forgery of the client’s signature when withdrawing money at the bank office;
  • fraud with the use of technical means (phishing, skimming).

Judging by the list, the cardholder pays a significant part of the insurance premium for what is already guaranteed to him by law, since the bank is obliged to ensure the safety of the funds entrusted to him.

According to the data of the Bank of Russia, in 2019 the volume of transactions performed without the client’s consent using electronic means of payment amounted to 426.5 million rubles. Moreover, 69% of transactions were carried out as a result of deception or abuse of the client’s trust. Such cases are usually excluded from the scope of insurance obligations.

  1. Delay in payments for property insurance

Taking advantage of the fact that special laws governing the contract of voluntary insurance of property of citizens (Chapter 48 “Insurance” of the Civil Code of the Russian Federation, Law of November 27, 1992, No. 4015-1), liability for violation of the terms of payment of insurance compensation are not provided, many insurers “pull” with payments even admitting an insured event.

To counteract this practice, the Presidium of the Supreme Court of the Russian Federation in its ” Review on Certain Issues of Judicial Practice ” dated December 27, 2017, noted that in cases where the insured states a claim to recover a penalty provided for in Art. 28 of the Law on the Protection of Consumer Rights (dated 07.02.1992 No. 2300-1) for failure by the insurer to fulfill its obligations, such a claim is subject to the satisfaction, and the penalty is calculated depending on the amount of the insurance premium (clause 16 of the Review).

  1. Refusal of payments for property insurance

Arbitrarily interpreting the terms of the contract, the insurance company may refuse to pay. The “ Review of Judicial Practice ” sets out the following case: the plaintiff (citizen) insured the car from the defendant (insurance company) under a voluntary CASCO insurance contract (risks: “damage” and “theft”). The plaintiff’s car was stolen by an unidentified person, and at the same time, the investigator opened a criminal case on the basis of a crime under Part 3 of Art. 159 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation (fraud).

The insurer refused to pay the insurance indemnity on the basis that theft of a car by fraud is not an insured event in its Vehicle Insurance Rules.

The Presidium of the Supreme Court of the Russian Federation expressed its opinion on this matter, namely: in case of doubts about the interpretation of the terms of the contract set forth in the policy and insurance rules, and the impossibility of establishing the actual general will of the parties, taking into account the purpose of the contract, contra proferentem should be applied – the most favorable interpretation for the consumer, especially when these conditions have not been individually agreed with him.

With regard to the case under consideration, this means that since the contract provides for the obligation of the insurer to pay insurance indemnity in the event of theft of the car, the claim of the plaintiff must be satisfied.

  1. Failure to pay compensation for travel medical insurance

The minimum package of medical insurance for tourists traveling abroad includes emergency services, including:

  • transportation to the clinic;
  • outpatient and inpatient treatment with a threat to life and health;
  • emergency dentistry;
  • evacuation of the injured tourist to his homeland.

However, not all insurers promptly respond to these cases. As practice shows, the insured person has to pay for the treatment himself, since the payment for it from the insurer is not timely transferred for various reasons.

Upon returning home, there is hope to receive compensation. However, here too there are many obstacles: from the collection and submission of numerous supporting documents to the clarification of the fact that the treatment provided during the trip does not belong to the insured event. A good payout can only be if the tourist gets a disability.

  1. Reduction of compensation for luggage insurance

Damage or loss of luggage during a trip is not a pleasant experience. This is used by insurers, promising their clients substantial payments when insuring such risks. However, the insurance contracts they offer contain many “traps” that allow either not to pay insurance compensation, or to limit the number of payments to the minimum amount.

For example, luggage insurance rules may stipulate that compensation will be paid taking into account the depreciation rates from the original cost of lost items – but only if the owner confirms it with sales (cash) receipts or other documents. If such supporting documents are not provided, the insurer will make payments at the minimum rate.

9. Delaying payments on insurance against travel abroad

Medical insurance should not be confused with travel cancellation insurance. These are two different things. Travel cancellation insurance should protect you from losing money in case the trip is canceled for any reason (for example, the hotel went bankrupt, or a visa was not given, etc.). Maybe that’s why it costs, as a rule, 5-10% of the tour cost, which is a lot.

However, even in these cases, getting insurance is very difficult. If, when drawing up a policy and receiving money from a client, almost all insurance companies use an electronic form of communication (through the website and the client bank), then if an insured event occurs, their Insurance Rules come into force, according to which documents are accepted from the insured only at the office or when sending through the Russian Post.

In this case, before issuing a policy, the policyholder must make sure that the procedure for paying out insurance compensation will be as prompt as the payment for this policy.

10. Assessment of the insured event by an interdependent expert

Usually, the Insurance Rules provide for the possibility of an independent choice of an expert appraiser by the insured, because otherwise it will be recognized as illegal. However, in practice, many insurers refuse to pay for the services of an independent expert, referring to the company’s internal regulations.

In real life, the insured is offered to contact an “independent” expert firm, which at the same time has not advertised connections with the insurance company. This becomes clear from the amount of damage that their expert will indicate in the report.

In such cases, the insured needs to be calm about the meager amount of payments. It is necessary to obtain insurance since the fact of payment will be proof of recognition of the insured event by the insurer. Then you will need to contact a truly independent expert and receive an official statement of damage assessment, which will serve as the basis for contacting the financial institution or a court. If such an act is recognized, then a decision will be made on the additional payment of the difference to the insured according to two expert assessments.

11 tips for moving without breaking the bank!

Moving without spending too much money is possible! Here are 11 tips and tricks to save money and move without also having to empty your bank account …

Like more than 3 million French people every year, you are about to change accommodation. Depending on the distance to be covered, the quantity of furniture and boxes to transport and whether or not a professional mover is chosen, the bill can quickly climb. But don’t panic, with a little imagination and some wise advice, you should be able to keep the costs down.

  1. Submit your notice at the right time

Do things in order and start by letting your landlord know you are leaving early enough before your scheduled move date. The notice lasts 1 month for the rental of furnished accommodation and 3 months for that of empty rented accommodation. By submitting your notice on time, you will avoid paying rent for accommodation that you no longer occupy.

  1. Don’t do it at the last minute

What applies to advance notice also applies to the organization of your move: the sooner the better. You will thus benefit from better prices. If you plan to move on your own, allow plenty of time to recruit sufficient labor, pack your boxes, and find a truck in time to be ready on D-Day.

  1. Ask for several moving quotes

Not all movers are created equal. Compare the offers carefully and compete for the best prices. Be careful not to jump on the cheapest quote either. Check the seriousness of your interlocutors and read the legal notices carefully. These tips also apply to the rental of a utility from a professional lessor.

  1. Choose the right season

If the swallows make the spring, what about the moves! The “high season” runs from May to September. By moving in the fall or winter, you will benefit from much more competitive rates than the rest of the year. Avoid December, however, when prices are soaring, not to mention putting a Christmas tree with all its balls in a box, it’s never very convenient.


  1. Choose an economical formula

If you agree to take care of the packaging of your furniture, to pack your boxes, or even to take them down yourself on the sidewalk, some movers will be able to offer you inexpensive formulas. You can also choose a group move. This solution is very interesting for long distances but the date is often imposed.

  1. Move light

Before hastily burying all your knick-knacks in boxes, take the opportunity to do some sorting. Are you sure you want to take it all to your new home? Ask yourself the question for each piece of furniture and for each object. A few boxes and a piece of furniture less, casually, it is already the possibility of renting a smaller truck and making significant savings.

  1. Solicit your loved ones

To make a successful move, the sinews of war are the number of available arms. If you plan to do without the services of a professional mover, you will need to form your own team of carriers. Bait them with the promise of good pizzas for the lunch break or that of a VIP invitation for your housewarming which will undoubtedly be the most popular of the year! And if you are really lacking in arms, MyDemenageur offers a collaborative platform to help people move between individuals. An inexpensive solution halfway between the two.

  1. Borrow whatever you can

Utility, hand truck, straps, or blankets: now is the time to remember your friends. For cardboard boxes, shop around supermarkets and DIY stores. Go there in the morning or in the evening before closing and if necessary, offer the manager to iron. By doing well, you should only have duct tape to buy.

  1. Use exchange platforms between individuals

Do not hesitate to rent a utility for your move on collaborative platforms like Drivy or OuiCar. The vehicle offer is wide and the prices offered are very competitive. Have the same reflex if you need a storage unit. Collaborative storage at a home is more and more common and will save you significant money.

  1. Ask for financial aid

Depending on your personal situation, CAF may grant you a moving allowance, in particular, if it follows the imminent arrival of a third child in your household. Finally, note that many charities, such as Les Petits Frères des Pauvres, come to the aid of needy people as part of their move. Find out about the possible moving aids.

  1. Change suppliers

Gas, electricity, insurance, Internet: moving is the perfect opportunity to change everything and make significant savings. Use our comparator, review the offers from different suppliers, choose the ones that suit you, and measure the savings. We take care of canceling your old contracts and taking out new ones. Enjoy it, it’s free!

Delivery of medicines- a hope for home bounded patients

With the new strain of COVID-19, people suffering from any chronic illness have no access to nearby sources for their medicines. Especially those who are old and live isolated. They are the people who need the best help to have medicines to cure their health issues.

The patients are getting wrong medicines. The companies have imposed polished betrayal on them to make money at any cost. However, they are not receiving the right treatment with medicines. Many people have lodged complaints against the drug suppliers. They are hoping for the best conclusions.

The quick home delivery of medicines makes a difference with all means. They help to assemble the quick arrangements of medicines in a short time at home. Customers have cheap and affordable drug delivery living nearby or distant places.

People following this system can intact in promoting their act of doing business. The drug delivery systems compile engineered technologies. They do so to conceive pharmaceutical objectives and other therapeutic agencies.

Through this blog, I encourage the people with no jobs or earning little from home-based jobs. They conduct their comprehensive skills to build their business ideas. In addition, they earn profit in medicine delivery. Besides, support this idea with the help of direct lending.

The importance of business in medicine delivery

It eases the medication adherence

  • Patients adhered to the medications face challenges if they cannot afford the medicines on time. Providing the medical survives on home delivery or their comfort place can accessible to get the medicines.
  • Purchasing all the medicines separately or in a collection can be operatively a matter of trouble from a store. Still, the delivery facility can combine with the patients’ ostensible access to arrange medicines on time.

Medication accuracy in the greater manner

  • The pharmacies use technological help to confirm the patients. Then, they send the right amount of medicines to their homes.
  • They send the medicines as per the sayings of doctors’ prescriptions. The medicine delivery is achieving greater accuracy than other stores and pharmacy outlets.
  • The technological equipment used in it matches with the right dosages frequently. This implied system is successful to keep patients’ lives suffering from chronic diseases.

It imbibes greater efficiency

  • Delivering medicines promulgate with the use of advanced computer technology and robotics.
  • They work without making any manual mistakes with confined and strategic formulated segments.
  • It has enhanced the quality of medicines with great competition.
  • It has worked in reducing the costs linked with filling prescriptions.
  • It allows several advanced depositions to avoid any minute mistake and delay in delivery.
  • Patients can even make an order of larger quantities.

Reduces medical and monetary wastes

  • It works in the direction of providing hygienic and safe medicines to their customers.
  • They work with the pledge not to deliver any contaminated and outdated medicines
  • It allows the customer to analyse medicines’ rates and get the right affordable prices delivered to home.

Why making financial efforts?

You do not need to see anyone’s support in opening your business. You want to give comfort to the people with delivery to their homes. You can do it with a combination of well treated and manipulated ideals of getting financial subsistence.

Here you can go with the loans provided to the people with no credit check. There are no credit check loans. They are available for the people considering their life in doing any business. You can seek your life in any business with the monitoring help of direct lenders.

Some lenders check your credit score. They find you not eligible for getting new loans as per your tag of the wrong debtor. They disguise you to perform as per the unified commands. Besides, they over think for no more facilities you can finance.

I want to highlight the sources from where one can draw the money as loan without checking their eligibility. There are emergency loans that are available to them. This is also an offer for direct lenders.

Arriving the ending point

Drug delivery practices in current times are working in schematic and systematic way. Companies deliver the medicine, depending on the medication. People should go as per the doctor’s prescription to meet the right medications.

Delivering the right medicine can prevent the side effects and bad results into a patient’s body. Thus, you should check the delivery under specific considerations. You should be willing to improve the health with the right qualitative medicines.

The business owners must embody the demand and supply of medicines among the people. They should behave to mark the patients’ responsible treatment and authentic medicine deliveries.

To open a pharmacy, they should prefer to achieve a specialist certification. If the businessperson does not hold that certification, he can hire the experts in the same field.

ACH Payment Processing – Accept Payments Instantly, Offers Flexibility to Businesses without Any Stress

ACH Payment Processing, a flexible mode of payment for businesses

There are a lot of businesses that are categorized as high-risk and need to maintain their stability. In this case, a suitable payment gateway is necessary to overcome the obstacles he faces in his high-risk business.

Here a merchant account with ACH payment processing is suitable for the merchants requiring easy solutions for their businesses. So, if you are a merchant dealing in a high-risk industry such as pharmaceutical, tobacco, tech support or any other industry then you need a business account with ACH payment processing, that empowers you to accept the payment instantly.

An ACH transmission is the electronic drive of cash between banks with the aid of an Automated Clearing House network considered to be one of the major U.S. payment structures.

With ACH, the transaction process becomes quite easy for the customers as the funds are deposited in an instant way to merchants. It is quite easy as compared to other types of payment processes. Here the money is transferred from one bank account to another that is from customer to merchant in an uncomplicated manner.

The merchants must look for ways by offering flexible payment alternatives that work appropriate for them. Consider ACH transactions in order to have a stress-free experience and a contented customer.

ACH transfers of funds are suitable payment processes for merchants in the United States.

The processing costs are lower as contrary to credit cards processing 

The processing prices of ACH are lower as compared to credit cards. Here the customer has to pay fewer charges if the payment is done by ACH and not by credit card or any other mode of payment.

Move with the ACH payment process with lower charges on the transaction!

ACH payment processing faster means of a transaction as compared to other 

ACH payment processing is regarded as a faster means of a transaction as compared to credit cards, hard copy checks, or any other. In businesses, ACH payments are mostly favored and are faster and trusted as compared to checks. This aids in the accounting process.

Proceed for ACH payment processing to get speedy business deals without stress!

Create Reliable Revenue with Recurring ACH Payments

Generate reliable income through ACH payment processing. ACH payment software lets you gather ACH payment info once and then systematize future transactions through a recurrent ACH transfer.

Kinds of ACH transfers processed 

In ACH payment processing, transfer of funds occur in two ways which vary in pace and price:

IN an ACH debit transaction the cash is transferred from one account to another. While you proceed for recurring bill payment, for instance, the company which the customer pays can withdraw what it is payable from his account each month.

ACH credit transactions let the person withdraw money online to accounts at diverse banks, either to his account or to his family or friends.

Certain limits on external money transfer through the ACH payment process 

Though the money send by ACH is easy but there are certain restrictions on ACH payment processing

Amount limitations: You must have a daily as well as a monthly cap on how much cash you can move.

Deadline times: After a specific hour, a transfer won’t be carried until the next commercial day. If you send your cash on Friday then you have to wait till Monday.

Charges for insufficient cash: If you don’t have sufficient cash in your account, your bank might impose a fee on you and avert your fund withdrawal. Thus, you must have enough funds to make your bank account stable.

Not mostly obtainable for global money transfer: Your bank will not let client ACH transfer cash to banks located outside the United States.

Transfer limitations for a savings account: There are rules which restrict the bank from the combined number of specific withdrawals as well as transfers from saving bank accounts to at least six months.

Make your business move with ACH payment solutions without hassles.