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All the Requirement to Grow Yellow Sweet Spanish Onion

Yellow Sweet Spanish Onion

Yellow Sweet Spanish onion is mainly a large globe-shaped yellow-skinned onion with a crisp, firm white flesh that keeps well. It’s a north-region plant that usually develops late in the season.

It makes scallions or fresh green onions in the south when planted as a fall onion. The fruit requires 13 hours or more of day length for best bulb development. Providing appropriate time ensures the thick, heavy neck dries well, and it will store for several months in a cool, dry place.

Light Requirement:

You need to plant the sapling in a position where it can get full sunlight.


To avoid any issue further, provide spacing of around 6 inches in between plants.

Soil Requirements:

All onions require well-drained, nutrient-rich soil. It works at least 3 inches of compost or other organic matter into the soil prior to planting. The pH of the soil should vary between 6.0 to 6.8.

Water Requirement:

Ensure to keep the soil of yellow sweet Spanish Onion moist most/all the time until bulbs enlarge. Onion roots are shallow; apply a light layer of mulch to slow water evaporation from the soil. Once the tops of the bulbs push through the surface, eliminate mulch to allow them to bask in the sun.

Frost-Fighting Plan:

Onion bear even hard frosts. Still, save newly planted seedlings from the late spring frosts by covering plants with straw or a frost blanket.

Common Issues:

Parts like onion thrips, aphids, and onion root maggots can create problems.


You can extract onion at any stage to eat it fresh. Harvest young onions to eat as scallions. If you want it to achieve the full-size bulb shape, then don’t pull onion until it achieves the same shape and size.

When the time of harvest arrives, pull onions, and shake off the soil. Before snipping roots or trimming tops, cure them in a warm and airy place.


A cool place is preferred to store cured dried full-size bulb onion. Very sweet, juicy onions store best in the refrigerator. Use mild onions within a few weeks of harvest; pungent onions can store for around a year.

Yellow Sweet Spanish onion is one of the most famous onions grown by most home gardeners and market growers. This variety creates extra-jumbo globe-shaped yellow bulbs that are very mild with golden-brown skin. It’s a versatile vegetable, and everyone should try growing it in their garden.

Let’s see the essential conditions to grow Yellow Sweet Spanish Onion:

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